So it finally happened!


So it finally happened: the brains at Cavatappi decided to update their website. What an age to be alive!

Don’t let the slick, hyper-professional appearance fool you though: we’re still the same flip-flop wearing, untucked shirt, fine wine-slinging iconoclasts as before. The only difference is that now, when you go to look up the contact info of a specific iconoclast, you won’t see the names of a bunch of people who quit 3 years before.

Of course, we hope this site will provide more to chew on than just a repository of e-mail addresses. Besides the obvious necessities of listing our suppliers and providing a handy “request catalog” button, we’re hoping to make this site something of an educational and cultural hub for our cherished customers. Presently, the site is a mere skeleton, but in time we shall heap upon its bones the flesh of true original content: detailed information about the fabulous wines and spirits we sell! Alerts about exciting upcoming events and tastings! A blog where our staff will elucidate the world of wine with interesting articles and perspectives of varying degrees of pretentiousness! What an age indeed!

Given the quality of the wine we sell, it seems only appropriate to have a website to match. So stay tuned, stay thirsty, and thanks for not making fun of us too much for having put off updating our website for so long. We really appreciate it.